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Lifebook Online Review. Lifebook Online was started by Jon and Missy, who are personal trainers and health and fitness gurus.

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Lifebook Online Review

You have probably heard about Lifebook Online: it is a revolutionary training program by Jon and Missy Butcher which provides you with a deeply customized workout plan for your best life. In this article, you will tell you what you must know about the program and walk you through its experience (so far). Health and fitness have been a major priority of people over the past years. People are very concerned about their weight, their fitness levels, and their health. These days, most people try to find ways to stay fit.

Having taken many Mindvalley courses over the years, going way back to when they were a far smaller organization, Lifebook Online has been the most valuable. It’s unique in its presentation and concept, but it’s the information and the way it’s taught that makes it so good. Presented by Jon Butcher, Lifebook provides a junction in your life that forces you to stop what you’re doing and re-evaluate. Based on Jon’s teachings, life experience and research, you are able to question and analyze your life, and then identify mistakes and key areas for improvement.

What is Lifebook Online?

Lifebook online was developed by Jon and Missy Butcher in 2004. This is an online course that teaches you twelve categories of health and fitness. The twelve categories are based on your current location, age and gender. The program comes with a free masterclass, and you can access the twelve categories by logging into the website. Jon and Missy have also published their own books and DVDs which further add to the features of the program.

How Does Lifebook Online Work?

The Health and Fitness category helps you get fit through various methods. The books include motivational quotes, motivation exercises, healthy food tips and recipes, and fitness videos. The Health and Fitness section of the website contains several free sample workouts and fitness manuals. You can find a lot of information regarding the health and fitness basics. In addition, the website also features a support system for those people who need help with their fitness goals. The Health and Fitness category includes a self-help program called the Lifebook Quest. As a member, you can use the Quest to achieve your goals.

The basic features of the program include personal coach, personal fitness monitor, personal training, nutrition guide, and exercise plan customized according to your needs. The goal of the Lifebook Quest is to motivate you to get the inner peace, self-confidence, and motivation that will help you succeed in your quest. As a member, you can access the Lifebook Quest and get a free personal development workshop by registering for the membership. The workshop includes three eBooks and one video. The video is available for download after registration. The first three eBooks include “My Fitness Fairy”, “The Truth About Six Pack Abs”, and “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

The Lifebook Online course includes twelve areas of personal development. These areas include health and fitness, motivation, self-help, social life, leadership, and motivation. The twelve areas of personal development include: Self-Esteem, Social Life, Fitness, Injury Repair, Relationships, Business, and Travel. The twelve areas of the Lifebook Online course are as follows: Inspirational Quotes for Everyday Life, Inspirational Books For Everyday Life, Health and Nutrition, Motivation, Self-Help, Introduction to Statistics, Time Management, and twelve motivational books. The welcome video is one of the greatest assets for the Lifebook Online program. The video gives guidance on how to set up the program, gain entry to the website, review the terms and conditions, complete the application, select an account password and click the’Registration’button.

The welcome video presents the twelve categories of categories, provides information on how to improve the quality of your life, highlights the twelve weeks of the twelve categories, provides information about how to get inspired and motivate you to achieve success, provides information on how to create an inspiring life, and introduces the personal development workshop. It gives information about how to reach the goals you have set for yourself, and it shows how to evaluate your personal development. It also presents the challenges you will face and how you will overcome them, and what you can expect in each week of the twelve week period. In the final analysis, the welcome video concludes by inviting you to sign up for the free Lifebook Online newsletter, to receive the latest updates and features, and to take a test drive.


Your Vision describes the ideal state you desire to reach. Ask yourself:

You will also be provided with statements you can modify and delete or start over.

  • I regard myself as having very high emotional intelligence.
  • I will become an expert in managing my emotions. I will identify and create the emotional experiences I desire to have on a daily basis.
  • Let all the positive emotions build up to an amazing attitude.
  • I will strive to cultivate happiness and nurture it.
  • My emotions influence my actions and relationships. I radiate gratitude.
  • I will honor and acknowledge all of my emotions. I will however guide and nurture those which most support the lifestyle I desire.
  • Joy and gratitude have always been my natural state.
  • I will be positive, create great joy and happiness in life. I will forgive myself, trust in myself, encourage and live for myself.
  • I am master of my emotions.
  • I can choose and control my emotions easily.
  • I listen to my emotions and take the time to learn from them. Then, I use the gifts they provide me to make my life more exciting.
  • I am a constant listener to my emotions. Not only do I gain valuable insights, but I also learn and take informed action.


Here are the top Lifebook positives:

  • Very easy dashboard. It’s easy to navigate through the lessons.
  • The video content is clear and professional. Jon is a skilled speaker and presenter who makes the course enjoyable.
  • The calls with Jon, Missy and Missy were amazing. It’s something that you won’t be able to find in other digital courses.
  • You’ll find plenty of advice on how you can fill in your Lifebook. This will get you started and help prevent writer’s blocks. I have many times adapted Jon’s statements to mine.
  • It is an interesting pre-assessment that you can use to get a clear picture of your life quality.
  • The Community area is motivating, as it allows you to see other members and share your experiences.
  • You can take the course for free if you don’t want to access the online material.


This course is wonderful, but there is always room to improve:

  • I believe that it would be beneficial to follow up with the course at least 3 or 6 months. This would allow people to remain motivated even after they have completed the course.
  • The video calls can only be used for live courses and not everyone is able to take them.
  • Mindvalley could work with a printing company to provide a Lifebook binder. It is possible to make one yourself, but it would be nice to be able order one with a proper cover.


The Lifebook Online pre-assessment is a short survey that asks you some preliminary questions about your life satisfaction, your motivation level, your ability to make money, your goals and achievements, your career ambitions, and your beliefs about life direction. Based on your answers, a score is generated and a recommended course of action is presented to you. This trial period offers you the opportunity to try out the twelve categories, to explore their topics further, make comments and suggestions, and to express your opinions at any time during the process. At the end of the twelve categories, you will be asked to choose one of three money back guarantees, to demonstrate your confidence in the system. The money back guarantee is intended to help you determine whether or not this innovative online tool can help you attain life satisfaction and financial success.

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