Mindvalley’s Conscious Uncoupling Review – Heal From A Painful Breakup!


Conscious Uncoupling Review The Quest For Recovery From Breakups conscious uncoupling with your partner or former spouse to experience the positive aspects.

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Mindvalleys Conscious Uncoupling Review

Mindvalleys, which is also referred to as Mindvalleys and Mind Universe Tours, is a unique and exciting holiday that will change your perspective on the world. It is all about connecting with yourself and connecting with the universe. You are guided through an inspired journey of self-discovery to find yourself, and in turn, you will be able to experience new experiences and gain insight into how you can transform your life.

There are actually several different types of adventures that can be had when you take part in a Mindvalley. While the majority of participants describe the vacation as inspiring and very enriching, some participants report unusual or “freaky” experiences. These may be described as leaving their past baggage behind, or as strange events that occur during their vacation.

What Is Conscious Uncoupling?

Mindvalleys Conscious Uncoupling is Connecting conscious with the unconscious changes a person’s state of awareness, which in turn changes their state of consciousness. Connecting our minds with our emotions not only frees emotional suffering but also increases self-knowledge and self-awareness. Connecting our minds with our emotions can make us more sensitive, empathetic, understanding, and creative. By changing the frequencies naturally generated by our mind we can change our emotional states. Connecting our mind with our emotions can heal a broken heart.

Through Mindvals Conscious Unconditional Coupling, you will learn how to connect intimately with yourself by experiencing intimacy with the universal intelligence that dwells within all of us. Connecting our minds with our emotions is the basis for our new relationships. Mindvals provides a powerful intimate, spiritual intimacy program that helps people express and release their deepest emotions. Love, anger, peace, hate, joy, happiness, peace, intimacy, and wisdom come to you as you experience the intimacy of this program. You may have known people who have practiced this but are yet unfamiliar with the deep connection and powerful effect it has on the mind, body, and soul.

How Does Conscious Uncoupling Work?

Through Mindvalleys Conscious Uncoupling, you will learn to experience love as a natural and powerful healing force. Mindvals offers an amazing seven-step program that is gentle and innovative. The program uses meditation and body centering techniques to bring you into balance. Connecting your mind to your emotions is the foundation for the healing powers of the program. The program is powerful and has helped thousands overcome pain, trauma, depression, fear, stress, and other negative influences that keep them from experiencing life to the fullest.

Through Mindvalleys Conscious Uncoupling, you will be able to change your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to align with the universal intelligence that dwells within you. When you practice Mindvals, you will be able to connect with the power of your mind, your emotions, and your body and use them to create a happier life. This means you will be able to take control of your experience and become the creator of your own reality. In turn, you will also experience a profound shift in your relationships, and in the world in general.

What You’ll Learn Mindvalleys Conscious Uncoupling

Protect yourself (and your kids if you have them) from further injury – Learn how to navigate your own breakup with dignity, respect and honor, with or without your former spouse’s cooperation.

Resolve obsessive bitterness and anger – Utilize one essential instrument to so you come to a place of true liberty and completion inside your heart.

Wake up to your worthiness to love and be loved – Even if the person you love isn’t loving you back into the means by which that you need them to, you may still reclaim and keep your self-worth through this 5-step process.

Come into a place of deep inner peace – Resolve your unresolved grief, bitterness, guilt, shame, anger or harm.

Graduate from any debilitating, recurring relational routines – Discover how you can turn your heartache in your strength and seize the possibilities you hold for health, happiness and well-being in love moving forward.

Restore deep confidence on your own – Learn to be prepared in love and decisions again, knowing you may neveragain make the same mistakes.

Awaken your power for true happiness in love – Discover authentic forgiveness for yourself and others so you can input your following relationship free of past relationship hurts.


  • Katherine Woodward Thomas is also an Amazing teacher.
  • Katherine includes a naturally calming yet truthful demeanor that allows her to deliver a few hard-hitting truths without coming across as unkind.
  • She can help you find what you will need to grow.
  • There’s a ton of material to use.
  • Like all Mindvalley Courses, Conscious Uncoupling has numerous exercises and videos in this class that you definitely feel you’ve heard everything you can on how to cure from a separation.
  • Healing isn’t a linear procedure. It is not even a process that is always completed.
  • Conscious Uncoupling kickstarts the recovery, and shows you a route ahead.


  • It’s not a replacement for treatment.
  • It’s emotionally taxing.
  • It is pricey. Mindvalley courses aren’t inexpensive.


Through Mindvalleys, you can transform your life and the way you experience the universe around you. Through the program you will learn how to bring people and things into balance so that they respond in the ways that are appropriate for them. Mindvals gives you the tools necessary for self-awareness that allows you to see where you are within yourself and the world. This program teaches you how to change your patterns of behavior so that you create loving relationships and an environment of total peace and happiness. Mindvals Unconditional Coupling can change your life, for better or worse.

The product offers a seven-day unconditional personal guarantee, a full 100% money back guarantee, and an introductory text by Dr. Norman Cousins, PhD. Dr. Cousins is an internationally recognized expert on relationships, and the author of How To Be More Inclusive: Strategies For Creating Total Love And Abundance. The program can help you create abundance by connecting you to your heart, so that your emotions guide you instead of the other way around. You can change your life by learning how to activate the powerful inner resources within you. By taking advantage of this unique opportunity, you can learn how to attract and receive unlimited abundance from the planet around you.

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