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Old School New Body is a fitness program. Is it help you to get in shape quick and safely? Read Old School New Body Reviews to find out if does it work or scam before you buy it.

Product Name: Old School New Body

Author Name: Steve and Becky Holman

Bonus: Yes

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Old School New Body

Old School New Body Review

Due to the fact that many men and women suffer from signs of aging but significantly improve the shape of the body, an increasing number of fitness programs are no longer surprising. Although there are many fitness methods available today. Among that a system which is more likely to attract like a revolutionary program which is known as Old School New Body. This was created by Steve and Becky Holman. In this study, you will learn everything about Old School New Body this system. Let’s see the complete review of Old School New Body.

What is Old School New Body?

This Old School New Body program was a fantastic program which works for everyone. This program understands the limitations faced by older people. It is a response to these concerns and aims to make them healthy both internally and externally. The couple created this fitness program to help elderly people lose weight and combat the consequences of aging, such as muscle loss and weight gain.

Old School New Body

This training program is based on the Focus 4 exercise protocol, which focuses on maximizing the benefits of fat burning and efforts to lose weight. The program consists of exercises that you can follow.

How does Old School New Body Works?

Old School New Body is based on the concept of F4X training. The scientific value of F4X is focusing on 4 exercises. This program has 4 main exercises that are considered the most effective exercises. These 4 exercises include:

  • Upright rows
  • Bent over rows
  • Incline presses
  • Squats

In this program, these four effective and powerful exercises are organized into three different training plans. These training plans include:

  • Lean workout plan: For beginners who have never participated in the gym. For this reason, this training plan is simple because it has only four exercises that should not last longer than 30 minutes.
  • Shape workout plan: For those who want to improve the intensity of exercise and have much more time. This training plan can take almost 45 minutes.
  • Build a workout plan: Though it offers intense exercises still it can be completed in less than an hour. This training plan cannot be run more than four times a week.

Benefits of Old School New Body

  • Old School New Body is a great way to lose weight even 40 years.
  • This app will help you strengthen this process and keep your result forever.
  • If you follow the program, you do not have to spend a lot of time.
  • You do not need to take part in cardio exercises.
  • The program can be safely monitored over time. There are no side effects.
  • The e-book is written by 2 well-known specialists in body training and weight loss.

Old School New Body Product


  • Old School New Body offers world-class training plans that can be completed in 30-60 minutes, depending on the caliber
  • It is effective for everyone, both men and women, as well as young people.
  • It offers a solid diet plan that can benefit everyone
  • This system has a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


  • It takes time to see the desired results.
  • The layout and graphics are a bit outdated.
Old School New Body testimonial


Old School New Body is the best slimming product on the market and it has helped many people around the world. This program provides simple and effective methods that will cause a return to a younger body and, of course, one can say that this digital guide is highly recommended. Along these lines, if you feel it’s not working, you can request for the refund. Because it has a Money back guarantee for 60 days. Make an effort not to miss this opportunity. Get it before the offer gets the finish. This program has unique content and very valuable, it is definitely worth the money, over 1,000,000 satisfied customers.


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