Quick Forex Market Guide, Its Core Features, And Useful Tips To Get Started


1. Forex Currency Trading

forex trade

Forex is one of the areas that most people find difficult. Indeed, as with many other forms of investment, certain knowledge is dangerous. The good news for those seeking investment in forex strategies is that there are enough strategies to achieve the investment goal. You can be a simple long-term investor or you can watch profits and profits on the market every day.

As long as you want to learn about Forex trading, you can find the right method. The optimal exchange time for a foreign currency (in a foreign currency) occurs when it is the most active in the trade in differences (the difference between the buying and selling prices). In such situations, less money is intended for market makers who carry out currency transactions and more money to buy and sell to customers who buy and sell.

1.1 Introduction


The Forex market is a 24-hour market, which is closed only from Friday evening to Sunday evening. However, 24 hours of trading are misleading. There are three sessions for trading sessions in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Although the meetings are in a sense convergent, the main currencies are usually traded on each market during these market hours. This means that the amount of some currency pairs in a given session is higher.

Traders who stay in pairs for a dollar find the largest sales volume in the US. The currency is sold in many different sizes. The “micro” country includes 1,000 currency units. If your account is in U.S. dollars, the micro-rate will be $ 1,000 from your base currency – dollar. The mini event contains 10,000 units of the base currency and a standard 100,000 units.

1.2 The Evolution of FOREX Trading

Initially, people sold fur and leather, and eventually – grain and oil, dried fish, sheep, horses, cattle and oxen. Because of their longevity, bulls have become popular stock markets.

The Evolution of FOREX Trading

Over time, the division of labor and life in the city entered a new era in which new materials (copper, bronze, gold, and silver) were found. Due to their added value, consumption, their value increased and eventually they were accepted as an exchange tool.

For the sake of simplicity, standardized pieces of metal, called coins, were used. Sometimes, when there were several coins, the backup materials were used as “payment for payment” for the supply of metals. Because the metal products were too heavy, the paper checks were spent on gold and silver, which were stored in Goldsmiths.

As long as the goldsmith was honest and safe, this practice was prioritized, and ultimately the “banks” had deposits to their clients and gave checks.

After some time, people forced paper money to replace gold and silver. The next stage in the development of money was the law on the “legal instrument of payment”, which forced people to take extraordinary state documents (most recently during the civil war in the US) in order to cover the public debt.

After many years of “hardship”, paper money was deprived of the opportunity to buy paper for expensive metals, and money became known as currency.

At present, the currency is gaining in value due to the issuer’s ability to generate hard assets and secure its currency (through taxes and loans) and the willingness of people to recognize the value of the currency. (Accept). Of course, paper money and credits that can be spent are not too high for the majority of law enforcement agencies to defend.

For example, the term (buying votes) caused a budget deficit, economic stimulus, and inflation. One form of state intervention leads to the other, as long as global competition exists between governments to move their economies through the expansion of money to all others.

Another consequence of the legal provisions on payments was that every country, requiring its own currency at its borders, ignores all other currencies, so international businessmen and passengers have to exchange one currency for another. This resulted in the phenomenon of exchange rates and the need to set the price of one currency for another.

The “price” of money is determined in the same way as the prices of all other commodities: supply and demand and expectations regarding future supply and demand. The higher the supply and/or the expected supply with constant demand, the lower the price. Of course, “money price” refers to goods or other currencies that it will buy.

1.3 Worldwide Forex Markets Hours

The Forex market has fifteen independent global exchanges that open weekly from Monday to Friday, each with unique hours. However, from an economic point of view, the four most important windows are as follows (time corresponding to the standard time in the east):

  • London: from 3:00 to 12:00 (North)
  • New York: from 8:00 to 17:00
  • Singapore: 15:00 to 12:00 (midnight)
  • Tokyo: from 19:00 to 04:00

Worldwide Forex Markets Hours

Although each exchange operates independently, all transactions take place in the same currency. When two stock exchanges are opened, actively buying a certain currency, the number of active traders is actively growing and sells them in large quantities. Offers and offers of the foreign exchange market directly affect offers and questions regarding all other open exchanges. It reduces the distribution of the market and increases volatility. It really is in the following windows:

  1. 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST, trade fairs in New York and London
  2. 15: 00-17: 00, exhibitions in New York and Singapore
  3. 19:00 to 00:00 (midnight) EST, the exchange between Tokyo and Sydney
  4. From 3 to 4 hours EST with open fairs from Tokyo and London

The cheapest period of currency exchange is a coincidence from 8:00 to 12:00 when the New York and London stock exchanges are open. These two trading systems account for over 50% of total foreign trade. On the other hand, the only open transaction for companies between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM EST is the Singapore Stock Exchange, which accounts for less than 10% of the annual volume of currency exchange. There are exceptions. An hour of triggering political or military crises can increase volatility and trade volumes, so this window is a good moment to act.

2. The Forex Day Trading Method

Day transactions are short-term transactions based on technical indicators and statements about the effects of the latest news. This requires a sufficient number of skills, which usually provides experience.

First of all, when you start to invest in the Forex market, it is recommended to open a trading or demonstration account. You can see your results and see how you’ve learned after a while. When you make money, you can exchange a real account. Even then, at least at the beginning, you want to be careful how much you risk.

2.1 Scalping

The change of scale is a forex trading method based on very small profits from very large transactions. This can be very similar to day trading because it is only a daily trade or can be a long-term method for a large trading method in the Forex market. Computers are more likely to look at different components of malaria merging than a single entrepreneur, and for this reason, most of the rinsing is currently done using a specific method of automation.

2.2 Big Picture Forex Trading

The sale of large images is a long-term method. They look at currency pairs for several days or weeks, trade trends, and not slight changes in the market. According to this common method, there are many different specific methods.

2.3 Automated Forex Trading


There are several ways to achieve an automatic exchange rate. They all rely on signals from a signal provider or simply use an expert advisor program, such as MetaTrader, which uses integrated alert and marketing software.

Some experienced Forex investors regularly use these programs and recommend them, while others believe that they can respond better to facts that only a computer program has access to. As with other trading methods in the Forex market, it is recommended to automatically trade practitioners and take appropriate action based on the results.

2.4 Daily or Weekly Trend Following

The strategy, which is a simple Forex trading system, follows the daily or weekly trend. Check daily and weekly charts to find a well-maintained trend and achievement history. The only warning about this particular type of trading is that smaller movements in the chart can be 100 points. That means you have to work a little bit. When you buy and let your traders use conservative distribution a bit. Make a reasonable stop and plan your goal. Beginners can easily find this strategy because they do not have to constantly look at the market, they can work when they have time.

2.5 Carry Trading

Carry Trading

Trade occurs when you buy and store a currency that pays the huge interest rate compared to a low-interest currency. A daily transfer is paid for the difference between two currencies. It has the advantage that even if your transaction is not transferred, the daily money will be transferred to your account. Because most currency exchange transactions are used, you receive a payment based on the transaction volume, not just the size of the capital.

Supervision is that interest rate differences are usually not as high as the risk. In addition, currency pairs that can be sold react to messages that threaten global markets. In other words, until all is well, these pairs will grow and pay. If something is wrong, sometimes unexpectedly, it dives very quickly and very quickly. If you use too much leverage, you can immediately increase your account.

2.6 Day Trading

The foreign exchange market is always changing. 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. While the most active forex trading times are specific, the forex market always moves a bit. Depending on what you want to change, you can choose your time. Most trading strategies per day revolve around the technical analysis of the currency market, which has positive aspects. The market can be very technical, and if you have an eye and a plan, you can catch it and use it.

2.7 Fundamental Trading

Some investors have an old approach to investing. They invest more in what they understand that when they look for their card’s signal. Due to the prudent investor, the main currency trading works best.

The main point of sale is tracking news for various countries and countries with stronger economic trends and weak economic trends. This kind of method is quite simple because it deals with how things will last forever. The difficult part is understanding economic reports and their comparison with other countries.

Trading on the Forex market can be difficult, but anyone with patience and the ability to learn from their mistakes can acquire certain skills over a period of time. It requires some strength. The system has been designed to destroy most people. You have to step back, look at the big picture and look a little bit, at least at the beginning. It’s wise to avoid these “100% accurate Forex trading systems” on the internet until you gain experience.

3. Choosing A Forex Broker

There are many forex markets, just like in any other market. Here are a few things to look for:

Low-Interest Rates: The calculator measured on the basis of “pips” is the difference between the price at which you can buy the currency and the price that you can sell at any time. Forex brokers do not pay commissions. The difference is that they earn money. When comparing brokers, you will notice that the difference between transactions on the Forex market is the same as the difference in the transaction fee. Main Take away: Lower distribution to save money!

Choosing A Forex Broker

Qualitative Approach: Unlike stockbrokers, Forex brokers are usually associated with large banks or credit institutions because they need large capital (leverage). Forex brokers must also be registered with the Future Commission Trader (FCM) and regulated by the Trade Trading Trading Company (CFTC). This and other financial information and statistics on Forex mediation can be found on the website, on the parent company’s website or on the BrokerCheck financial sector regulator website. The main snack: make sure your broker is served by supervisors and a trusted authority!

Comprehensive Tools And Research: Forex brokers offer a wide range of transaction platforms for their clients as well as other market brokers. These trading platforms usually include real-time charts, technical analysis tools, news, and real-time data, and support for trading systems. Before contacting an intermediary, you must ask for free tests to try different trading platforms. Intermediaries usually also provide technical and basic information, business calendars and other tests. Basic Vacation: Find a real estate agent who will provide you with the tools to succeed!

A Wide Range Of Leverage Options: The Forex market requires leverage because the difference in price (source of profit) is only a fraction of a cent. The leverage ratio, expressed as the ratio of the total capital available for actual capital, is the amount that the intermediary transfers to trading. For example, a ratio of 100: 1 means that your broker will lend you $ 100 for every $ 1 of real capital. Many brokers offer up to 250: 1.

Remember that lower leverage means less risk of collateral, but less money (and vice versa). Extraction: If you have limited capital, make sure your broker has a large leverage effect. If capital is not a problem, every broker will have to take advantage of many opportunities. By using different options you can change the risk you want to take. It is possible to choose a lower leverage (and hence lower risk), for example in the case of highly volatile (exotic) currency pairs.

Types Of Bills: Many brokers offer two or more types of accounts. The smallest account is called a mini account and needs to exchange at least USD 250 and a large leverage (which will be needed to earn from this initial capital amount). You can trade in different ways using a standard account, but it requires at least $ 2,000. In addition, premium accounts, which often require much more capital, offer different levels of leverage and often offer additional tools and services. Key suggestions: Make sure your broker uses the right leverage, tools, and services in relation to your basic amount.

4. Broker Actions To Avoid In Forex Trading

Hunting or hunting: hunting and hunting – defined as the purchase or sale of early nearest predefined points – inappropriate actions by brokers to increase profits. Unfortunately, the only way to tell brokers who do it and those who do not do it is to talk to other traders. There is no blacklist or organization announcing such activity. Extracting: you must perform a thorough check before selecting a broker.

Broker Actions To Avoid In Forex Trading

Stringent margin rules: When you deal with borrowed funds, your broker can help you determine the risk. That’s why your broker can buy or sell at your own discretion, which may be bad for you. Suppose you have a margin account and your position is rejected before returning to the highest value. Even if you have enough cash, your position will be charged with a call to top up the deposit at this level. This action can cost a lot of capital. Basic use: once again emphasizes the importance of proper due diligence before starting the mediation.

Forex account registration is similar to receiving an account: The only big difference is that you have to sign forex accounts on a margin contract. This contract provides that the user is dealing with borrowed funds and that the intermediary has the right to interfere in transactions to protect his interests. When you register and add to your account, you will be ready to trade.

5. Basic Forex Trading Strategy

Technical analysis and basic analysis are two strategies commonly used in the currency market. Technical analysis is the most common strategy used by individual investors in the Forex market. This will be explained in more detail below.

5.1 Fundamental Analysis

If you think it is difficult to evaluate the company, try to evaluate the whole country! The important analysis of the Forex market is very complicated and is often used only to predict long-term trends. However, some traders are short messages. There are various  key features of currency values that were published at different times;

  • Non-agricultural wage funds
  • Purchasing Manager Index (PMI)
  • A price index of consumer goods and services (CPI)
  • the retail trade
  • Balanced good

These reports are not the only key factors to consider. There are also several meetings that can affect the auction market and comments and any reports. These meetings are often exchanged to discuss interest rates, inflation, and other issues that affect the valuation of currencies. Even some issues, such as Federal Reserve comments on interest rates, may lead to fluctuations in the market. Therefore, two important meetings of forex traders are the meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee and the hearing of Humphrey Hawkins.

Simply by reading reports and reviewing comments, Forex analysts can better understand market trends in the long run, and short-term investors can take advantage of special events. If you choose a basic strategy, you should always have an economic agenda to let you know when these reports will be published. Your agent can also get this type of information in real time.

Basic Forex Trading Strategy

5.2 Technical Analysis

Forex market analysts analyze price changes similar to their stock collection. The only significant difference between the technical analysis of the Forex market and the technical analysis is the time from when the foreign exchange markets are open 24 hours a day. Therefore, the technical analysis must change this factor over time to take into account the 24-hour currency market. Here are any of the common types of technical analysis used by Forex:

  • Eliot to waves
  • Fibonacci Studios
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Supports
  • Many technical analysts combine these studies to get more accurate predictions. (This means that the combined practice of Fibonacci research with the Elliott wave combination.) Others create trading systems that restore similar buying and selling conditions.

6. Find Your Trading Strategy On The Forex Market

The most effective investors create a strategy and implement it on time. Some focus on specific studies or calculations, while others use a broad spectrum analysis to determine transactions. Most experts recommend basic and technical analyzes to produce long-term forecasts and to set starting and ending points. It is an individual entrepreneur who ultimately needs to decide what is best for him (usually for tests and errors).

7. Forex Trading Considerations To Remember

Open a demo account and paper until you get a steady profit. Many people enter the Forex market and quickly lose too much money if they have too much influence. It is important that you devote some time and learn to behave well before taking up capital.

Trade without emotions You cannot save “mental” stop-loss points if you can not do it on time. Always set stop-loss and take-profit points automatically, and you will not change them unless necessary.

This trend can be your friend. If you disagree with the trend, make sure you have the right reason. This is because you are more likely to succeed because the Forex market is heading in the same direction as the other.

8. Conclusion


Currency markets have become the fastest and most stable global markets that trade trillions of dollars a day. Regardless of whether it is a local market, futures or options, speculators and hedgers find an instrument and a level that suits their needs. As in the case of everyone in the investment market, learning stock trading is easy, but creating effective trading strategies requires many practices.

In most Forex brokers, you can open a free virtual account that allows you to trade virtual money until you find strategies that will help you succeed as a Forex trader. Production investments require a good understanding of economic fundamentals and indicators. Forex traders need to understand the economies of different countries and their interconnections in order to understand the basics of currency values.





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