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Superior Singing Method Review

Aaron Anastasi is well known for his Superior Singing Method but in truth he was singing when he was very young. He started by playing the harmonica in his family’s home when he was just thirteen. Then he showed promise by writing a few songs as well, at the age of fourteen he made his first demos, and started to get recognized.

It wasn’t until he went to high school that his career really took off. After that, he continued with his vocal training until he went to college and studied music theory. At that point, he focused on vocal techniques like falsetto and did voice lessons with a vocal coach who specialized in singing. So what did this young man know about singing even before he got started with the best known vocal trainers in the city? He was a good student.

What Is Superior Singing Method?

His teacher was an anesthesiologist, who was well known for her world-renowned vocal technique. She was so skilled that the anesthesiologist always had to end a lesson by saying “OK Dr. Smith, everyone go home now”. That way she could give her patients a final tranquilizing dose before ending the session. Her patients never complained about the anesthesiologist’s loud voice, or how she screamed at them – they always reported feeling relaxed and calm after a treatment with her. In fact, many students became regular clients of the anesthesiologist after their superior singing method teacher left the school.

Aaron also worked with other musicians in his high school and college days including his close friend Michael Winner, who was a bass player in a rock band. While Aaron was getting more training in his guitar playing from his guitar teachers, his musical friends were developing their own unique singing style. They developed their own techniques that worked better than those taught to Aaron by his guitar teachers. This gave him a deeper understanding of music and helped him to realize that a singer too could be a great and good singer just like he thought he could be.

How Does Superior Singing Method Work?

Then one day he received an email from a guy in the online course he was taking. This guy was telling him that a certain online course was not designed to help singers, but rather to help people who are better at practicing. This motivated Aaron to go check out this online course. What he found was a video of a woman who had completed the program. The woman was doing some vocal exercises and she told him about how it made her feel like she had been able to get better at singing even without much practice.

He was really impressed by the way she sounded. After listening to the online singing lesson he realized that he would have to give this program a try. But first he had to find a good course to take so that he wouldn’t get burned out by the teaching style of the teachers and just get discouraged with the program. So he went online searching for a good vocal training course. And to his amazement he found a course that was created by someone who did not even have a voice yet.

What To Expect Superior Singing Method?

  • It’s a way to sort the wheat from the chaff. If you don’t care about your craft, you might quit halfway through.
  • There are over 50 videos accompanying the modules that will guide you through each step. These steps are easy to follow. These steps can be overwhelming if you aren’t completely sold on the product.
  • Although the video course is expected to take eight weeks, there were many testimonies that indicated improvements within the first week.
  • The Superior Singing Method has the advantage of being downloadable. It’s almost like having your very own mentor. You won’t be criticized for being tired or charged extra for overtime.
  • Aaron Anastasi suggests that you keep a record of your practice. You can then identify your mistakes and make improvements.


  • Comprehensive Course – This course will help you understand the theory before you put it into practice
  • You can also follow the course yourself
  • You can download the exercises and save them on your device so that you can practice wherever you are
  • Vocal exercises can be tailored to your needs.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee (so that the seller takes all the risk)


  • A comprehensive course – This can be overwhelming, especially for beginners
  • It is necessary to spend a lot of time watching videos
  • It is important to practice religion


So he decided to take the course and learned everything he could about vocal exercises and singing. After finishing the course, he had a better voice and he felt that things were going well. So he signed up for a few more Skype lessons and soon got to know some other people who also had signed up for the same thing. These people told him that they had paid a lot of money to get all the training that they needed and that is exactly what he did too. He was surprised to find that these guys had taught themselves to sing well too.

So he started using the tools that they provided to teach himself to sing as good as those guys. He bought the course and now he has been making great progress ever since. He uses the same strategy that they used to teach him; they told him that if he sold a product on the platform that he would be able to make money through five, the website would be the place to market the product. He got a few extra bucks when he uploaded his vocal coaching course on the platform and the results are excellent. He really enjoys being a coach and he does not see it stop him from promoting the products that he teaches, especially if it helps others.


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